Te Marautanga o te kura

A living, breathing curriculum, marau ā-kura reflects the expectations and aspirations of the whānau, hapū, and iwi.

Te Aho Māori helps you:

Marau ā-kura is learning based on a community’s goals. We can build a rich curriculum around the aspirations a community has for its tamariki and mokopuna.

This model weaves the national curriculum into community specific goals and needs. It’s a progressive approach that fosters connections and partnerships with whānau, hapū and the community. The child is at the centre of the marau ā-kura. The key focus of the marau ā-kura is traditional practices and wisdom. Marau ā-kura is a framework for learning and teaching that is both aspirational and achievable.

Marau ā-kura is the framework for learning and teaching, that is both aspirational and achievable. It recognises ākonga as learners and decision makers, and empowers the identity, culture and language of all. Marau ā-kura may be linked or aligned to national strategic priorities, but are driven by kura priorities as identified in its annual plan, underpinned by the values and expectations of the kura.