He Mihi Nā Te Tiamana  |  Chair’s Statement


Ngā Mema o Te Poari | Board Members

Spencer Webster

Ngawiki Dickson

Bex Mohi

Summer Bennett

Jesse Fisher

Janine Dickson

Staff Rep

Hira Hona


The Board of Trustees is responsible for seven key work areas in the school, which are:

The Board of Trustees is a crown entity and is accountable for the performance of the school to parents, the school community and the crown and in particular, the board is accountable for the on-going improvement of student achievement.

The Board is responsible for designing the future of the school ensuring plans and targets are developed, monitored and reviewed.  The Board ensures decisions are made in the best interests of all students with respect and integrity and ensures culturally appropriate processes are in place.

The Board of Trustees is the employer of all staff at the school and must ensure that all requirements of a good employer are met.

The Board consults with the community as a critical part of developing and monitoring the school charter, and for the Board to be assured that community expectations and aspirations are considered in the decision making process.

The Board communicates with the school community through regular updates on how the school is performing in relation to the charter goals and targets and ensures that effective regular reporting on student achievement occurs.

The Pukeoware School Board of Trustees consists of five parent trustees together with the Principal and one Staff Trustee.

Hui Poari | Board Meetings

Hei te wiki 3 me te wiki 8 i te 6pm o ia wāhanga tū ai ngā hui poari.                                                                                                                        The Board meetings are held in week 3 and week 8 of each Term in the staff room and commence at 6pm.

Te Tūtohinga | BOARD CHARTER

The charter is an undertaking by the Board of Trustees to the Minister of Education that they will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the school will be managed, organised, conducted, and administered for the purposes set out in the charter and that the school, and its students and community, achieve the aims and objectives that have been set out. The charter is the key guiding document for the Board.

The Board develops an ongoing timetable of review which will regularly report on key indicators to ensure that progress towards reaching strategic aims is continually being made.

This review programme allows the Board to:

celebrate achievement and set new aims and targets
identify areas of weakness and take strategic action

When reviewing the charter, the Board ensures that it is updated in accordance with the National Administration Guidelines.  The Board leads the charter redevelopment process, and ensures that the community plays a part in this process.

Charter 2022

Charter 2021

Charter 2020

Charter 2019

Our Annual Report contains our audited annual financial statements. These statements show how the Board has used its funds to achieve our charter goals.

Making annual reports available ensures that parents and the wider community can access information about what our school has achieved and how the Board has managed school finances in the previous school year.

Ngā Kaupapa-here | POLICIES

We have been working with SchoolDocs to create a website for our policies and procedures. We are excited to announce that the site is now live and available to our school community.

The school works on a subscription basis with SchoolDocs to maintain, update, and review our policies. SchoolDocs provides us with a comprehensive core set of policies which have been well researched and follow the Ministry of Education National Administration Guidelines. The policies and procedures are tailored to our school, and the school supplies specific information such as our charter, and procedures for behaviour management, reporting to parents, etc.

SchoolDocs updates, modifies, or creates policies in response to changes in legislation or Ministry guidelines, significant events, reviews/requests from schools, and regular reviewing from the SchoolDocs team. Our board of trustees has the opportunity to view changes/additions and comment on them before they are implemented. We will advise you when policies are up for review and how you can take part in the review.